SATIR Pro Software

Reporting Software


  • Reporting Software for Thermal Imaging Cameras
  • SATIR Pro Software for Thermal Cameras


SATIR Pro Software provides professionals a powerful and complete software solution for thermal analysis and research. Users can flexibly perform thermal analysis and image processing on thermal images, thermal video files, and real-time thermal videos, and generate reports in batch effectively. The software can analyze thermal images taken by any type of SAT’s infrared camera. The SATIR Pro Software is placed on a SATIR USB Dongle and then is shipped to the Customers Location.

Major Features:

  • Thermal image analysis and comparison with multiple windows
  • Real-time thermal analysis, recording, and snapshot from camera through USB or Network
  • Thermal analysis, editing, convert (AVI, MPG4) for video records
  • Thermal image searching and screening
  • Thermal image description
  • 3-D thermal image processing
  • Isothermal analysis for whole image or an area
  • Thermal analytical tools (point, line, circle, rectangle, polygon, delta line)
  • Thermal image and visible light image blending
  • Thermal image or area merging
  • Subtraction of thermal images
  • Thermal image rotation
  • Analytical data export
  • Image adjustment with temperature contrast and span levels and palette change
  • Thermal parameter settings for whole image or an area
  • Thermal distribution, percentage, and trend charts