Touchscreen Stylus Pen

Touchscreen Stylus Pen
Suitable for the D300, PK Series & Hotfind-S


  • SATIR Touchscreen Stylus Pen
  • Top of SATIR Touchscreen Stylus Pen
  • Bottom of SATIR Touchscreen Stylus Pen


The SATIR Touchscreen Stylus Pen is SATIR newest Accessory to be added to the SATIR Store. The touchscreen stylus pen is made from a high quality metal that can makes it strong and highly durable.  It has two sizes of stylus tops, one standard size and one smaller size allowing for more accurate touches. When you purchase the stylus pen you will receive a small box with spare stylus tips for when the original tips are worn away with use. The touchscreen stylus pen is suitable to be used with a range of SATIR Thermal imaging products such as the Hotfind-S, D300 and the PK Series. It will make access and control of the user interface much easier to use when out on site conducting a thermal survey.